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Asset Inventory Education and Community

Education Attainment 2006-2012

  • Allen County has a significantly higher share of residents with high school diplomas than the state, as a whole.
  • Allen County lags in the number of residents with bachelors or advanced degrees.
  • Most significant recent growth has been among residents with some college or a technical degree.

Real Per Capita Personal Income 1969-2013

  • Both Allen County and Ohio have historically lagged behind national income trends.
  • Per capita income is effected both by industry composition and population growth.
  • The gap between local and state trends has widened in the last decade.

Crime Rate Per Capita 1985-2013

  • Crime rates are reported both by type of offense, as well as by number of crimes committed per 1,000 residents.
  • Crime rates among most offense types have remained stable.
  • Rates for property offenses have especially improved.