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Population Growth 1910-2013

  • Population increased appreciably through 1960’s due to Baby Boom and economic growth.
  • "Baby Boom Echo" of late 1970’s did not occur and its impact is masked by economic downturn.
  • Recent growth has flattened as younger population leaves the area

Projected Population Growth 2010-2040

  • Projected population growth moving in opposite direction of the state.
  • Future growth pattern continues slight decline.
  • Rapid aging of the population expected to continue.

Gender Distribution 2010-2040

  • Stark disparity between gender profiles.
  • Female population expected to remain relatively stable while male population declines.
  • This correlates to differences in median age, with men nearly four years older.

Migration Patterns 2000-2010

  • Number of residents leaving Allen County surpasses the number of new residents entering each year.
  • Migration activity varies widely with economic activity.
  • Age of residents that leave (22.7 years) is significantly younger than those who move in (34.8).