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Asset Inventory Introduction


The charts presented here display a number of key population trends that are of critical importance to Allen County. Historical and projected population growth, age and gender composition, and migration patterns all build a clear understanding of the underlying dynamics of the region’s residents and workforce. In each instance, trends are compared against the State of Ohio and United States for context.

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Industry Composition and Growth

The charts presented below mark changes in the industry composition of Allen County, employment patterns at the JSMC, and the income generated by industry. Location quotients comparing industry employment in Allen County to the State of Ohio and United States, as well as projected employment growth to 2020 are presented.

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Workforce Composition and Growth

The current and future workforce needs of Allen County’s employers are of critical importance. The charts included here present information on the age distribution of the employed workforce, historical changes in the labor force participation rate, occupational distribution, and occupational growth. Taken together, these trends provide a cleared image of the region’s capacity to meet the employment needs of its industry base.

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Education and Community

The success of the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center and the Allen County economy are also affected by a number of community indicators, including the education and income of its residents as well as a number of other quality of life indicators. The data presented here suggests that Allen County has a number of considerable assets as well as significant growth potential to increase its vitality and attractiveness.

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