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Asset Inventory Workforce Composition and Growth

Workforce Distribution by Industry and Educational Attainment

  • Allen County has a significantly higher concentration of workers with high school degrees than the state of Ohio.
  • Educational attainment is higher among professional, service-related industries due to different demands.
  • Fastest growth has been among workers with some college education.

Unemployment Rate 2003-2015

  • Local unemployment patterns closely mirror state trends.
  • Unemployment patterns exhibit some seasonal variations as certain activities, such as construction are less active during winter months.
  • Unemployment grew sharply during the recession of 2007-2009 before moderating in the last several years.

Occupational Distribution by Major Group

  • Employment varies by occupation group and by region.
  • Occupations are distributed across several industries; most prominent categories align with large local industries.
  • Allen County has a significantly higher share of production employment than the state.

Projected Occupational Employment Growth 2010-2020

  • Fastest occupational growth to occur in health care-related professions.
  • Other, more traditional occupational fields will see significant replacement hiring, but little overall growth.
  • Regional training entities must adapt and respond to changing needs.